AlertMe Smart Plugs Help Automate Home Energy Use

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The idea of controlling your home’s energy use remotely is growing in popularity, evidenced by the cool devices coming out that make doing just that easier and easier. While there are many plug-in devices that help stop vampire power, there aren’t as many that can be used to turn outlets on and off via mobile devices or the web.

There are, however, Ploggs, and now Europeans have AlertMe’s Smart Plug. It is much like other plug-in devices but has some great upgrades that make putting your home on remote control simple. The Smart Plug goes into any wall socket, and wirelessly transmits data about that socket to the AlertMe Hub. A home owner can view data about each Smart Plug-connected socket on a web page, where they can turn that plug on or off to cut down energy use where it isn’t needed.

What is also cool is it is programmable – a user can set up the system to turn off plugs at certain times of the day, or when they go on vacation.

AlertMe will start selling the Smart Plugs this November for about $50 each, but requires purchase of their security package, which is an extra $300. Next year, they’ll sell the energy package on its own. Considering how many electrical outlets the average home has, this can get pretty pricey, but is still comparable to other monitoring systems on the market. Hopefully, as with Ploggs, a US version will be available after awhile.

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