AirCasting crowdsources health and environmental data via smartphone

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Help build crowdsourced maps of local air quality and sound levels, and even track how your own biometrics respond to them, with the AirCasting app and an Arduino-powered sensor.

AirCasting, powered by Habitat Map, is a free Android app that can measure sound levels with the smartphone's built-in microphone, as well as connect to the AirCasting Air Monitor for measuring the temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide in your local environment.

The Air Monitor, which can be built with these instructions (PDF), uses a Bluetooth connection to transmit air quality data to the app, which then uploads it to be mapped and graphed, building on the crowdsourced maps already submitted to AirCasting. In addition, users can connect a Zephyr HxM or Zephyr BioHarness 3, and measure how their heart rate and breathing patterns respond to their activity level, their physical location, and their exposure to noise and air pollution.

Users can also show off the streams of data from the sensors by building their own luminescent clothing (PDF) with LED lights and connecting it to the app, which will respond by displaying colors ranging from green (low intensity measurements) to red (high intensity).

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AirCasting crowdsources health and environmental data via smartphone
Help build a crowdsourced map of local air quality and noise pollution, as well as your body's reactions to changes in those levels, with this app and Arduino-powered sensor.

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