Air Purifier Glows Colors When It Detects Pollution

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Houses are typically equipped with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. But what about other pollutants? The Coway's AP-1008 is made to detect and warn you when your air is getting too gross to breathe. Typically your sinus system and lungs do that job for you, but these days you can never be quite sure what you're breathing in. Hence, the stylish air filter that glows different colors to indicate different pollution levels. The hole in the top of the design will glow various colors -- blue means the room is 99.5% clean, purple means levels are low, pink means you might want to open a window, and red means the air you're breathing in needs to be cleaned up. While it's intended for household use, it kind of make you want to carry it down the street with you just to be safe. Of course, there are more portable products coming out for those kinds of excursions, from bracelets to chips embedded in cell phones.

One thing is for sure, if the AP-1008 glows red, you may want to question the product itself, because it is first and foremost an air filter that traps 99.5% of airborne particles. While the product also mentions that it is "energy efficient" it fails to list the energy consumption in the specifications section.

It is priced at $280.

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