After Eco-Web Hosting, Green Broadband

We wrote about eco-friendly web hosting a few times already. The next logical step is to have a look at what can be done on the internet service provider (ISP) front, and it just so happens that we recently found out about a British ISP that aims to be as green as possible. It goes by the very original name of GreenISP.Hippyshopper has a nice summary of what GreenISP has to offer:

It's a bit uncompetitively priced at £22.50 a month for 512kbps but there's no monthly cap and no 12 month contract - a rarity in the broadband world. There are also the green benefits: Green ISP plants a tree for every new broadband customer, its office is powered by solar panels and Juice, and a percentage of profits go to green charidees such as Greenpeace and FOE. Plus the company works with Treesponsibility to offset its omissions.

You can find out more about it from GreenISP here and here. They also offer "Green Web Hosting". Oh, and it says at the bottom of their frontpage that they are a "Non Profit Making Organization".

::GreenISP, via ::HippyShopper