Adapter Concept Saves Power, Looks Awesome


This power adapter automatically shuts down gadgets left on standy. It lets you plug all your gadgets in to one outlet, but monitors power usage and displays it using a pattern of LEDs. When something is on standby, these lights come on to let you know that it's still using power. If you don't press that button within three minutes, then that device is turned off. This should stop people from leaving power-sucking devices on standby, but also let them turn them back on again when needed, simply by pressing the button again.Gilles Belley creates a lot of conceptual designs that aim to inform users how much power they're consuming. His creations normally do this in a clever, ambient way - you don't need to go and read a number off a LCD screen, simply glance at the colour of a light. It's well known that this kind of knowledge leads to greener behaviour - if people are more aware of their habits then they're more likely to change them.

Gilles Belley is currently exhibithing his work at an exhibition called So Watt ! design sheds a light on energy, at Espace Electra in Paris. If you can make it, then I thoroughly suggest you visit. ::Yanko Design via ::Gizmodo

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