Activists Launch Drones to Battle Japanese Whalers

These days, fishing is a high tech business. So is whaling. And so is activism against whaling. In an effort to thwart Japanese whalers, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has two ships -- the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker -- outfitted with drones that can fly out to find ships and get information about them.

CNN reports that the activists were able to score the drones thanks to a donation from Bayshore Recycling Corp. of Woodbridge, New Jersey.

So far, the drones have helped locate the Japanese ship Nisshin Maru just this past Saturday, near the west coast of Australia. However, finding the ship is one thing. Being able to stop it from hunting whales is another. Thanks to the drone, even though the ship was able to escape, the activists can now keep an eye on where the ship goes and can more easily find it again and keep it from hunting.

"Sea Shepherd says it will have more than 100 volunteers in Antarctic waters to take action against Japanese whalers. While they will still be chasing down different vessels as part of a cat-and-mouse game, the group hopes that its new technological weapon will help give it a significant head start," reports CNN.

While the anti-whaling activists often spark controversy, there is no debate that drones like these are proving incredibly useful for tracking and interfering with whale hunts. For anyone who wants to see whales spared from harpoons, that's a wonderful use of technology.

Activists Launch Drones to Battle Japanese Whalers
The fight for saving whales is getting ever more high tech.

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