A Netbook Faceoff - Acer Aspire One vs HP Mini 1000

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I'm growing increasingly jealous of the netbooks I see perched on laps of folks at the various conferences I attend. The users look so content, meanwhile I lug around my 7 pound Dell laptop. Netbooks are light, compact, and every bit as powerful as an average user needs them to be. They use fewer materials and less energy to run, which makes them perfect for a traveling greenie. But they're also fairly new to the mainstream, with not a lot of hands-on face-off comparisons going on quite yet. That's why we're happy to see a showdown over at The Gadgeteer between the Acer Aspire One and the HP Mini 1000. Click through to read who wins. Claire Strodtbeck tested out the HP Mini 1000 against her Acer Aspire One and decided that while there are ups and downs to each, the Acer has better tech specs considering its price.

Here are a couple highlights from the comparison before I direct you on over to her detailed review.

The Aspire One has the disadvantage of having 512MB soldered directly onto the motherboard, which means it can only be upgraded to 1.5GB total - adding a 2GB DIMM won't do anything, since the chipset on the motherboard is only capable of supporting a 1GB DIMM.

The Mini 1000, on the other hand, has a much lower quality hard drive - not only is the speed slower (4200 RPM vs the One's 5400RPM), but it's PATA and 1.8″, whereas the One uses a standard laptop-size 2.5″ SATA drive, making future upgrades much easier.


I didn't find that I had problems using the Acer's trackpad buttons. The HP's trackpad buttons are a bit larger and easier to find with your thumb, and the HP includes a handy one-click button to disable the trackpad. All in all, I definitely prefered the HP's trackpad over the one on my Aspire One. The One's trackpad is also glossy, and the buttons are flush with the sides - too often I find myself trying to scroll on the right button instead of the right edge of the trackpad!

Check out Strodtbeck's full review with loads of photos over at The Gadgeteer.

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