A Green Chip On Your Shoulder?


We've written about Intel's Penryn chip before: it is fast, sleek, small and now green. According to 21c, Intel released the new chipset last Saturday and Israeli labs in Haifa helped fashion its micro-architecture to make the chip feasible at a commercial scale.

Is the Penryn now the greenest computer chip in the world? "These are the biggest transistor advancements in 40 years," Intel co-founder Gordon Moore said.

Penryn reduces power leakage which normally manifests itself in a processor unit as heat, with the new hafnium-based chips measuring a mere 45 nanometers each - so small, that is, that more than two million could fit onto the period at the end of this sentence.

That doesn't leave much room for energy loss - making the Penryn, in Intel's phrase, the "coolest" processor technology to date.

The company also has replaced lead-based components with tin, copper and silver alloys. It is also set to remove halogen based materials, which can generate ozone-damaging gases.