A Cardboard Boombox As Your iPod's New Home

cardboard boombox for ipod photo

Image via SmartPlanet

Incase you are getting bored with your super sleek, minimalist iPod speaker set-up, or you miss the 80s, check out this new Boombox-style speaker dock.

It has one foot in eco-friendliness, and one foot out. Read on to decide if you think it gets to lay claim to a green image. Fortunately, like other speakers we've seen, the Boombox is made of cardboard instead of plastic. Score one for greenness.

Unfortunately, it uses virgin cardboard, not recycled. Score one for greenwashing.

Fortunately, it is compatible with the entire iPod range. Score one for greenness in that they only need to make one version of the product.

Unfortunately, it uses batteries. Score one for a very un-eco-friendly power supply.

So – your verdict?

If you decide it’s way cool, they’re available for $40 at Nigel’s Eco Store (a UK online store) in mid-November.

Via SmartPlanet
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