A Book That'll Make Eco-Minded Gadget Lovers Really, Really Happy

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At least, I'm really, really happy about it. Check out Green Gadgets for Dummies, a guide for being eco-savvy when it comes to electronic devices. Considering that American households spend $1,200 a year on new gadgets, and our obsession with them is outpacing our efforts at energy efficiency, a book like this is a much needed resource. And you'll never guess who is listed as a resource in the front cover - go on, guess...

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Yep! There we are - wOOt! Our passion for green gadgets is contagious. And each of the sites listed are fantastic resources for green-thinking gadget geeks.

Highlights from the book include:

Start thinking green -- learn the "four Rs" of green gadgetry, understand carbon footprints, and starve energy vampires
Save energy now -- by using rechargeable batteries, monitoring power use, adjusting settings on TVs and video game consoles, and more
Control your computer -- discover how to adjust power conservation settings for Macs and PCs
Know green from greenwash -- find out how to choose electronic devices that are truly environmentally friendly
Recognize when it's time to say goodbye -- know what you can donate, how to erase your personal information, and how to find reputable recyclers

It's all things we cover like crazy here on TreeHugger and on sister site Planet Green, so we're thrilled to see a handbook like this come together. It runs $14.99. Of course, we're also glad that it can be downloaded to a Kindle too, for $9.99 - it's only appropriate, after all.

Via The Fun Time Guide
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