5 Trends That Will Shape Digital Products In 2013

Fast Company has a great rundown of the five trends emerging from the consumer side of the electronics industry and how it will affect design and use of gadgets in the next year. All of the ideas are items that link back to the responsible use, minimization of total number of devices, and other issues that would lighten the overall load on the environment. For instance, having connected devices and access to information rather than isolation of data on devices and data leads to streamlined use and fewer electronics purchases overall. Here is the list:

1. Dawn of the “Personal Ecosystem”
Connected objects start to take their place--right by your side.

2. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
How good old-fashioned K.I.S.S. principles are making a comeback.

3. Access Will Supplant Ownership
What does it mean to own something in the digital age?

4. I Belong to Me
How to survive if you find yourself on the personal data battlefield.

5. A Personal Shopper for Everybody
The coming revolution in retail

Get the detailed explanations behind these list items on Fast Company's article. It's really interesting, and something to consider for how you approach devices and data in the coming year.

5 Trends That Will Shape Digital Products In 2013
Fast Company's list of what to expect in electronics for next year is a must-read.

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