5 Star Wars-Inspired Green(ish) Gadgets

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Image via TGNSmith on Etsy

"May The Fourth Be With You" on Star Wars day today. To honor this geek holiday, we've rounded up our favorite Star Wars-themed posts.

For Star Wars Fans, Recycled Computer Parts Turned Into AT-AT Imperial Walker

Creative craftster Sage Werbock has come up with a clever idea for recycling old computer parts and providing Star Wars fans something to lust over. It's an 18-inch tall, 15 lb At-At made from floppy drive housing, power supply boxes, power cords and other scrap metal. It's still available for $450 on Etsy.
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Star Wars-Inspired EV Becomes Reality

Image via University of Adelaide
The Star Wars prequels have stirred up a lot of things, but even if you loathe the most recent movies, we think you'll enjoy the electric vehicle they inspired called EDWARD. The name stands for Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping, and was developed by students at Adelaide University in southern Australia.The students looked to similar electric monocycles, like the WheelSurf and Rocket Roadster, for further inspiration, but decided on a two-wheel design for their vehicle, which started to be assembled in 2009. Drivers are strapped into the center steering column, and control the unit with a joystick, however, movement is also supported by a stabilizing controller to make forward momentum easier.

Image via Boston Dynamics

Energy Efficient All-Terrain Robot Walkers to be Built for Military

We should have just assumed by the rate technology was advancing that we'd live to see the day when those robot walkers from Star Wars were actually developed for the military. After all, we've got drones flying over Afghanistan piloted by men in New Mexico with X-box controllers. So why not an all-terrain robotic mule that can carry 400 lbs, provide a power source, and aid in combat operations? Boston Dynamics was awarded $32 million to develop exactly that.

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Images via eBay

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Crafted Out of Adidas Shoes

Do you have an old pair of sneakers you never wear? Are you a Star Wars fan? If you said yes to these two questions, then do we have a craft project for you! Take a page from craftster/blogger Freehand Profit who has created a storm trooper helmet out of Adidas shoes.The helmet is part of the Star Wars Remix Project. As Technabob explains, "StarWarsRemix is a collaboration between Noah and Mica Scalin, Emma Beddows, and Scott Walker. The goal is to make Star Wars characters, things or vehicles out of everyday objects. It's a pretty cool idea, and anyone can submit their projects. Freehand Profit is the guy behind the MASK365 project."

Funny, Star Wars-Inspired DIY Project Makes Laundry Easy

When it's laundry day, I suspect I'm not the only one who has to pick up all of the clothes that are lying on the floor around the hamper before putting them in the wash. It seems that French designer Pierre Vedel is among this group, and he has come up with a solution that will save a lot of knees and backs: the Star Wars-inspired Laundry Basket Monster. The concept is simple: build a cardboard backboard that fits into a corner to funnel any clothes that hit it into the laundry basket. It's modeled on the ravenous sarlacc, the monster from Return of the Jedi. Once you fall into the downward sloping sand that surrounds its lair, there is little to stop you from ending up in its stomach and being digested over 1,000 years. Now your laundry can share that fate.

5 Star Wars-Inspired Green(ish) Gadgets
"May The Fourth Be With You" on Star Wars day today, and to honor it, we've rounded up our favorite Star Wars-themed posts.

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