$5 DIY iPhone Dock is Made From Paper and Charges Your Phone

If you are unwilling to shell out the $29 for a Steve Jobs-approved iPhone dock, yet you're bothered by the presence of that flaccid iPhone next to your computer, then look no further. This DIY dock is not only made from paper and easy to do, it only costs $5 to download the instructions.

Plus, you can make it in any color you like; take that silly white iPhone dock!

This simple design comes way of French designer and freelancer Julien Madérou who "studied industrial design in the four corners of France, as well as for a short time in Lisbon." He has a Higher Diploma of Applied Art from Ecole Boulle, focussing on furniture design and food-display. While his original design used glue, Madérou's final version just requires a printer, some paper, a ruler and a knife.

What I love about Madérou's design is how it makes way for the iPhone charging cable, something similar designs have not accounted for. That and the initial design used glue but he was able to work out a folding design that uses even less materials. For extra credit, I suggest you print out this design on already used paper.

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