5 Android Apps that are Eco-Fun

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We know iPhone apps are pretty dang popular. We also know there are quite a few that help us to go green. Also getting popular are apps for Google's G1 and Android phones. So what are our green options so far?

We found five cool apps that will help Android software users green up their new phone.

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We talked about this app back in September. It's actually a featured app that the Android comes with. Ecorio utilizes the GPS system on the phone to track your carbon footprint as you travel. It calculates what kind of impact you make on the move, and gives you what kind of footprint you're making right then, and what kind of footprint you may make annually if your habits stay consistent. Once you see what your footprint looks like, the application then gives you ideas for taking action through reducing heavy impact travel, inspiring you to try greener options, or by purchasing carbon offsets through Google Checkout. You simply click on the field "What if I ." and by selecting an option, you can see by how much you're able to reduce your footprint right then. Pretty cool stuff!

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Traveling green doesn't stop with the Ecorio. SugarTrip helps you to avoid traffic jams so you save carbon emissions. Using the GPS unit in the phone, it measures how quickly you're traveling and sends the info to a central server. SugarTrip will then be able to provide information on street traffic. While Google Maps can give traffic updates, SugarTrip says that program better for highways, while SugarTrip's app will be much more detailed and specific to city traffic. Users can then plan their trips according to where traffic is located, helping to cut back on pollution by avoiding idling. Planned as a free app, it is still under construction but expected out soon.

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PedNav makes getting around the city easy and efficient, which means walking or biking can be faster and more convenient than using a vehicle. Just plug in your plans for the day, such as stores you need to get to, lunch dates, the notion to go see a movie or visit a museum. PedNav has the locations and schedules of the relevant venues at hand, and will create a personalized itinerary, including mass transit options if you'd prefer using that. Your instructions will include when you have to get to a certain bus stop, where to get off, how to get to the venue, and when you need to finish up your tasks at that location in order to get to your next event. With such convenience for planning, getting around town without driving is simple!

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BreadCrumbz does the opposite of PedNav. Rather than creating routes for you, it lets you get creative and make your own maps for getting to and from wherever you want to go. You can share your maps with others too. This makes it easy to plan walking or biking routes for getting to cool green events and locations. The maps can be as detailed as the user wants it to be, including photos and information, or will even build your map for you as you're walking along, which will make getting out and exploring a lot more fun. It can be put to a number of green uses, such as guiding friends through favorite trails or parks, or making tours of your city that underscore environmental work that has been or needs to be done.

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In an effort to cut down on paper, business people may grow to love an easy-to-use phone app like Teradesk. This app allows users to connect co computers, get and share files using Bluetooth, and store docs on a virtual disk. Documents are always at the ready for sharing, which could help meetings run more smoothly without the need for printed documents. The data is secure and in controlled environments, and yet are accessible on your cell phone. Users can even pause a transfer, resume it, and recover broken transfers. It allows file versioning, commends, and GoogleDocs integration.

These five apps are just the start of a quickly growing collection of cool apps for Android-supported mobile devices. We'll keep you updated as more ways to go green with your gadgets pop up.

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5 Android Apps that are Eco-Fun
We know iPhone apps are pretty dang popular. We also know there are quite a few that help us to go green. Also getting popular are apps for Google's G1 and Android phones. So what are our green options so far?

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