40+ gadgets in your pocket, without the e-waste

CC BY 2.0 Flickr

E-waste is a big problem (f.ex. Microsoft puts disposable wifi routers into magazine advertisement), but there is also a counter-trend that helps fight it. Over time, a lot of physical things are either being turned into software (a physical watch might now be a digital watch on the screen of a computer or phone) or there is a convergence of gadgets (1 smartphone does what dozens of different gadgets used to do).

WIRED magazine has a great graphic to illustrate this: How Over 40 Gadgets Converge Into the Tiny Device in Your Pocket.

This idea used to be totally science-fiction. But now that it's here, we don't even notice it anymore (humans have to incredible capacity to get rapidly used to improvements in their lives), so it might be pretty banal nowadays to say that more and more things will get turned into 1s and 0s or squeezed into existing gadgets, but I don't think the trend is over. This should help reduce the amount of stuff that we have. It doesn't solve the problem, but it's certainly nice to be swimming with the current on this.

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