$40 DIY Plywood iVictrola Speaker for Your iPhone

paper iphone speakerUnplggd on Vimeo/Video screen capture

We do love our electricity-free iPhone speakers around here. Check out this great handmade iPhone speaker -- a college student's version of the iVictrola.

MIT Architecture grad student, Noel Davis, loved the look of the iVictrola but didn't love the $1,000 price of it. So he came up with a DIY solution that had a price tag of only about $40, and 3 days of fun handiwork.

Unplggd reports on Noel's project. He states, "I did some reading on Wikipedia about horn loudspeakers, which are used to amplify the sound from a small driver (like the needle of a phonograph or the tiny speaker in a cell phone), especially the low frequencies. ...I spent a day modeling the design in SketchUp to create the cut templates. Then I used a laser cutter (I'm a graduate student in MIT's Architecture Department, so I have access to some pretty nice tools!) to score and cut my templates out of 1/64" thick model aircraft plywood."

By the time he was done trying out his ideas, fixing them, and trying again, he had a beautiful iPhone speaker that is a unique version of the iVictrola. He says, "Tough it's not as loud as I'd hoped, the old-timey sound is great, and it looks really cool on my desk!"

Here's a video where you can hear the finished product. We love it!

Paper iVictrola from Unplggd on Vimeo.

$40 DIY Plywood iVictrola Speaker for Your iPhone
A college student on a budget came up with this cheap and clever idea for a classy iPhone speaker.

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