3G bike platform combines cycling computer, alarm, real-time location tracking

Bike+ 3G connected platform
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If you're a serious cyclist, having access to the statistics from your rides is a key component of your training, and considering that your bike is probably like a member of the family to you, having it stolen is likely to lead to you to do more teeth-gnashing and cursing than is healthy for anyone.

A cycling computer can give you the stats you're looking for, and a lock may help prevent an easy theft. But if you had a bike accessory that could both give you some peace of mind and also help boost your training to new heights, it might be just what the bike doctor ordered.

That's where the new Bike+ platform comes in. Combining an array of sensors with cloud-based analytics, an anti-theft alarm, an accurate GPS location and mapping system, and access to real-time ride information, right from your smart phone, the system is being billed as the "next generation cloud enabled activity monitor for your bike."

You'll still need to lock up your pride and joy, but Bike+ has the rest of it covered.

Features of the Bike+, from WI-MM, include:

  • High-performance GPS receiver
  • Cellular modem
  • Comprehensive performance analytics
  • Anti-theft alarm with buzzer
  • Real-time ride information accessible from your smart phone or web browser
  • Multi array of sensors for ride statistics
  • Real-time location and mapping
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone for in-ride experience
  • Crash detection and alert notification
  • Fleet management dashboard for bike sharing operators
  • Available to bike manufacturers
  • Open API

Bike+ is designed to be mounted on the downtube of the bike with anti-theft hardware, and also includes a 1300 mAh internal battery, flash memory, a Verizon-compatible 3G radio, an accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity, and an altimeter.

But before you pull out your wallet, you should know that the Bike+ platform isn't on the market yet, but is expected to be available by the end of the year. The cost of the system is estimated to be "less than $200."

3G bike platform combines cycling computer, alarm, real-time location tracking
With complete cloud-based analytics for ride stats, plus an anti-theft alarm system and accurate GPS location system, the Bike+ platform is a great example of the next generation of cycling computers.

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