3D scanning + 3D printer = Fun

One of the complaints that is often made about 3D printing in its current state is that it is primarily being used to produce useless plastic tchotchkes that nobody really needs. There is some truth to this; nobody really needs what the Hot Pop Factory calls a "3D Kissing Photobooth". On the other hand, nobody really needs a photograph either, or a sculpted bust of themselves.

Matt Compeau and Bi-Ying Miao of the Hop Pop Factory got a lot of exposure recently with their 3D printed Pez dispensers; they used the same reconstructme scanning technology to set up an kissing booth on Valentines Day in Untitled & Co, a store on Toronto's trendy Queen Street West.

With the same equipment used for our Candy Hacking Project, we brought something that was done with our custom projects to the public for the first time. Participants got a chance to check out some 3D printers in action, get scanned for free, and choose to get their scans 3D printed as a statuette, bobble head, necklace or ring!

OK, it's not exactly world-changing, but it is doing in minutes what people have been doing for thousands of years, sculpting 3D images of people as a way to remember and honor them. I just dread the inevitable shelf full of plastic baby sculptures. More at HopPop Factory

3D scanning + 3D printer = Fun
Designers are just beginning to figure out what 3D printing is good for; the killer app will probably surprise us all.

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