3D printed bird feeders give urban birds a cozy place to eat

3d printed bird feeder
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If you live in an urban setting, you may wish that more birds would visit your yard or balcony, but you don't have the space or trees to hang a traditional bird feeder. 3D printing to the rescue!

A company called Printed Nest wanted to support urban birds so it designed a 3D-printable feeder that can be secured to windows without taking up much space. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print it on your own or you can order one that they print for you, although all the models are currently sold out.

The feeder is made out of PLA, biodegradable plastic and the design was tested for over two years to develop the perfect feeder that attracted smaller birds, but didn't invite pigeons. You can see happy birds eating from one in the video below.

The design is open-source and customizable so you can use any colors or even make changes to the geometry.

The company asks users to log their location once they're using the Printed Nest and they keep an updated map of feeders around the world. They also encourage the guerrilla placement of feeders in public places around your city. Right now the feeders are in 69 cities in 22 countries, predominantly in Europe.

If you want to print one, the instructions are on Thingiverse, along with a gallery of feeders that have been printed so far.

Check out the video below of the perch of one being printed.

3D printed bird feeders give urban birds a cozy place to eat
The feeders can be printed in an array of colors to bring birds into your yard.

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