3D-Print a Robot for $800

It wasn't too long ago that we were amazed by his 3D-printed robotic hand and now French inventor Gael Langevin is going all the way and 3D printing all of the parts necessary for a full robot and, if you have $800, access to a 3D printer and some motors, you can follow along with his project.

The robot called InMoov will ultimately be a full-sized human-like robot. So far Langevin has built the head down through the shoulders, arms and hands and is using a broomstick and the base of a desk chair to act as its torso and feet at the moment. Using voice commands and gesture capture with MyRobotLab, Langevin can already get InMoov to do a few arm movements like holding a ball and passing it between hands, raising its arms above its head and some other sweeping arm movements. You can watch Langevin's latest video of the InMoov in action below.

Langevin is documenting this process on his blog where he posts regular updates, photos and videos, and since this project is open source, he also makes all of his files available for download if you're interested in taking on the full project or even just a part of it.

Seeing the ability to build things like a robot in your garage (or workshop) using 3D printing really reminds us of the potential of this technology. It's not just about making little plastic objects, but about making whatever it is that you need or want and to your exact specifications, whether that's a robot, lab supplies or just some new garden tools.

3D-Print a Robot for $800
A French inventor is in the process of designing, 3D printing and assembling the parts for an entire robot.

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