25 Gadgets that Will Save You Money


Making the rounds of a true techno-meme right now is a very interesting list. The list is called "25 Gadgets that Actually Save Money," and it was created by the Simple Dollar (financial talk for the rest of us.) It is indeed a list of cool products that, in one way or another, can actually save you cash. Going through the list, I have found no more than five that don't have direct environmental benefits.Some of these, Flash drives, might not at first seem to have environmental benefits, but as they replace inefficient and disposable media, flash drives save money while preventing creation of trash. Other environmental gadgets that I've never thought of as environmental, filtered water bottles, that provide good clean water but without having to purchase hundreds of bottles of water, and a nice electric shaver, which saves on both shaving cream, and disposable razors. So it's true, saving the environment can save money. And now we're hearing it from a completely non-environmental blog.

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