22 Fix-It Videos: Prevent E-Waste, Save Money, and Keep Your Stuff

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E-waste is bad. This we've known for awhile now.

We toss toxic gadgets left and right, often thinking they'll be recycled and therefore e-waste is prevented. But many times our e-waste is shipped off to other countries for them to have to deal with. The EPA does little to ensure the safe recycling of materials. Or, only a fraction of the device can actually be recycled and the rest ends up in a landfill.

And while companies are picking up efforts to improve gadget recycling programs, it is still ultimately up to us to keep a gadget for as long as it is possibly useful. And that means repairing it when needed.

Thankfully, repair tips are endless and free advice is everywhere.

These videos are not meant to be the be-all-end-all of gadget repair, but rather will hopefully solve a few problems and ultimately inspire you to search our answers from others before ditching your device. A huge sense of accomplishment and confidence comes with fixing something you thought was over your head. Turns out - you can do it!

So - save money, be green, fix it yourself. Here’s how.

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