20 Ways Your iPhone Can Save You Gas, Energy, Time and Money

Use Your iPhone As A Monitor and Remote Control for Home Energy Consumption

There aren't a whole lot of iPhone apps that monitor or interact with your home's energy use. However, I'm certain that as our nation moves closer towards smart grids and smart meters become the norm, so too will apps that let you control your home's energy remotely. For now, there are a couple apps that are useful to people with the right gear.

Use: Energy efficiency and remote access for your home.
Okay, so this isn't exactly an app, but rather the gear needed to help you get access to your home's energy use via your iPhone, or any other web-enabled mobile device. While it's slightly off topic, it's still worth mentioning. This system provides the needed tools for you to automate your home's lights and HVAC units, allowing the user to remotely control lighting, heating and AC use. You can be at work or on the road and turn your home's lights on or off, make sure your heater is turned off while on vacation, and so on.
Price: $1,400.00 (gear)

Home Manageables
Use: Energy efficiency and remote access for your home.
Home Manageables works with your iPhone to monitor and control your home's energy use. Users can get updates via text message on when power is being used, and can set schedules for when lights turn on and off via their phone.
Price: Starter Kit $199.00 with 30-Day free trial of remote access.

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