20 Ways Your iPhone Can Save You Gas, Energy, Time and Money

iPhone Apps Simplify Mass Transportation and Traveling

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint when traveling is to get where you need to go without too much wandering around. There are several apps that help you find cool stuff nearby, catch a ride with someone, track schedules for urban transportation, and make getting around quick, easy, and green.

Train and Subway Maps and Schedules At Your Fingertips

Use: Mass transit maps
This handy app works for several major metro areas in the US, including NYC, BART, DC and PATH. It helps you figure out the fastest route between two stations, helping you save time and feel more comfortable utilizing mass transit. Figure out your travel schedule and a route quickly and easily.
Price: $4.99

Use: Train schedules at your fingertips.
Using mass transit is a whole lot easier when you can quickly check what train is going where, when. With schedules up to 14 days in advance, TheNextTrain lets users sort through schedules by station or routes. The info can be viewed offline any time, and the schedules update for free through the app store. Available apps include schedules for BART, Caltrain, LIRR, MARC, MBTA, PATH, SEPTA, UTA and VRE.
Price: $4.99 (per schedule app)

Use: Train schedules at your fingertips.
Similar to TheNextTrain, Trains provides schedules for UK users, with the added benefit of the schedules being live. The app also provides updates on train arrival status, so you'll know if the train is on time, late or cancelled. Even cooler, you can see where the train has stopped and is scheduled to stop along its route.
Price: $3.99

Getting Around Town Quickly and Easily

Use: Find stuff around you.
AroundMe helps you discover anything you might need, and shows you closest locations for theaters, restaurants, grocery stores and more. Plus, when you find that what you want is a stone's throw away, a user may be more encouraged to simply walk there rather than drive.
Price: $1.99

Platial Nearby
Use: Find stuff around you.
Similar to AroundMe, Platial Nearby shows popular places close to where you're located. You can get to the hottest restaurants, arts and cultural centers, historical spots and more. The app is helped out by users inputting their information, stories, tips and hints so that you can get the neatest experience from spots that are right next door.
Price: FREE

Use: Find stuff around you.
AirYell provides listings of local businesses and services based on your search. Basically a yellow pages at your fingertips. Input where you are, what type of place you want to get to, and listings with phone numbers and driving directions pop up on the display.
Price: FREE

Find Carpool Buddies With Your iPhone

Use: Find a Carpool.
This cool app hooks you up to a social network of folks who want to share rides. With this app, you can plug in where you're going and find others in your social network who are headed in the same direction. You can hitch a ride with them, or open up your vehicle to share a ride. While limited right now to the small number of users, it is growing and will hopefully soon be a catch-all for ridesharing.
Price: FREE

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