17 ways to fix, hack, and upgrade gadgets with Sugru

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Sugru is one of our favorite substances for repairing pretty much anything. It can be used to fix things that break, crack or rip, customize less-than-perfect objects, and even make things bouncy. These are some of our favorite ways to improve gadgets. Hopefully this list not only helps you with solutions to specific problems, but also sparks your creative side when it comes to repairing or customizing other objects in your life!

iphone bumpers photo© Sugru
How to make bouncy Sugru bumpers for your iPhone 5

universal cable grip photo© Sugru
How to create a universal cable grip on any surface

earbuds photo© Sugru
How to make a neat and easy custom-fit earbud/ in-ear monitors

cracked screen photo© Sugru
How to fix a cracked phone screen

iphone tripod photo© Sugru
Make a cheap iPhone tripod mount

kids camera photo© Sugru
How to make an awesome bouncy kids camera

raspberry pi case photo© Sugru
Create a Raspberry Pi camera case

macbook feet photo© Sugru
Make replacement rubber feet for a MacBook Pro

iphone grip photo© Sugru
Add grip to an iPhone

ipad corners photo© Sugru
Make your iPad bouncy

solar charger photo© Sugru
How to make a solar charger for a mobile phone

webcam photo© Sugru
Fix a webcam at eye level

sugru magnets photo© Sugru
sugru ♥ magnets are a clever way to access the USB ports on your iMac

kobo reader photo© Sugru
Fix a Kobo eReader's on/off switch

audio cord photo© Sugru
Repair an audio plug on earbuds!

gopro bike mount photo© Sugru
Improve a GoPro bike mount

camera grip photo© Sugru
Get a steadier grip on your camera

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