13 Gallons Per Wash: A Super-Efficient Washer From Bosch


The most efficient clothes washer available today is the Bosch Nexxt Washer. It earned the highest Energy Star rating for washers, which based on water and energy use. The specs are pretty impressive: the washer uses an average of 13 gallons of water per load (5345 gallons per year), and 178 kWh of energy per year. An average top-loading washing machine uses 50 gallons of water per load, and 933 kWh of electricity per year. Another advantage of this washer is that it spins at 1200 RPM, which is important, because it greatly reduces the energy required to dry the clothes.The Bosch Nexxt washer is a front loading machine, and these machines tend to be more expensive than their top-loading equivalents. The Bosch washer costs about $1200. However, this cost can be made back because the washer uses much less water, especially hot water, and according to the Rocky Mountain Institute about 85-90% of electricity used to wash clothes involves heating up the water. Some other advantages: less detergent is required and there is less wear on your clothes because they are rotated through water rather than being agitated. Also, front-loading machines tend to have a larger drum capacity (the Bosch Nexxt has a 3.81 cubic foot capacity). However, front-loading washers do have longer wash cycles — a forty minute cycle time about average.