1,000th Green Tech Product OKed by EPEAT

sony vaio notebook EPEAT gold rating image

Images via EPEAT and Sony

Congratulations EPEAT! And Sony!

The green electronics labeling company just gave the thumbs up to its 1,000th green tech product – the Sony VAIO VGN-SR290PDB notebook computer.

Read on about how EPEAT has grown in just over two years. EPEAT rates computers, monitors, and integrated systems on their environmental cred. Depending on how the item falls on things like packaging, energy efficiency, elimination of hazardous materials, recyclability and so on, it will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold ranking.

Over 30 manufacturers have submitted products to be ranked, and a searchable database makes it easy for consumers - including the US government - to check out the greenest options available to them for their computer gear. With soon to be over 1,000 products to peruse, it will become ever easier to compare and make more informed purchasing decisions.

While it has only been around for a little over two years, the green labeling system is setting new standards for computer manufacturers and requiring them to green up their acts if they excpect to have an edge on the market. Companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple, ASUS and other major brands all have shown deference to EPEAT by submitting hundreds of products for its review.

While not perfect, EPEAT certainly has become a good resource and industry standard. Congrats, EPEAT, on this milestone.

Via Press Release via ZDnet
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1,000th Green Tech Product OKed by EPEAT
Congratulations EPEAT! And Sony!

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