G-Wiz: Britain's Greenest Car

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Until now the UK hasn't exactly been snowed under with options for green motorists, so the oh-so-funky G-Wiz comes as a breath of fresh air. In fact, with no engine or exhaust and thus zero emissions, the £6,999 (US$13,150) G-Wiz is the cleanest, cheapest and most energy efficient car on Britain's roads. Indian manufacturers Reva claim they "carbon balance" all the vehicle's manufacturing and shipping costs, making the car carbon neutral too.

Simply plug the G-Wiz into the wall with a supplied five metre lead to take advantage of 1p per mile electricity and 600 "mpg". A full six hour charge gets you 40 miles (the average UK journey covers only eight miles).

What else? No road tax. Carbon neutral. 200 colours. And no congestion charge or parking fees in London either! The G-Wiz may lack the killer looks of a Smart car, but it lacks the killer emmissions too. We like. Via HippyShopper

[By Simon Crerar]