In the Future, We All Might Live in Our Cars Out of Choice

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TreeHugger has looked at how self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles might change our cities and increase sprawl; we have even seen how they might connect right into our homes. Now NewDealDesign looks at how AVs might totally change the way we live and work with their concept of Autonomics.

Autonomics is a strategic insight into how autonomous objects will influence not just our transportation, but future businesses, services and brands. Contrary to popular belief, more Americans identify as living in suburban areas than ever before, spending hours ‘trip-chaining’ between commutes, errands and family life. In this framework, we see the largest impact of autonomous vehicles in suburban and rural areas where the majority of American's daily activity takes place, not dense city centers. Autonomics is a roadmap building off this insight into how economies and brand experiences will transform based on three new autonomous objects: Leechbots, ZoomRooms and DetourCity.
Leechbot delivery flowers

© LEECHbot delivery/ NewDealDesignEverybody is on the move in their suburb of the future, sitting in the backseats of their AVs, getting deliveries on the move from unicycle “LEECHbots. Nobody actually walks anywhere (although there is one young man on a hoverboard crossing the street).

If your trip is boring you can hook up to a ZoomRoom, a bus-sized moving room; you just step from your moving car that sync’s with the moving ZoomRoom through a door in the side.

Gadi Amit of NewDealDesign tells Mark Wilson of Fast Company that we will be doing a lot more driving in our future.

"The urban/suburb effect of these cars is not being covered. And one of the key points we’re trying to make here is [with autonomous vehicles] you’re moving more because it’s easier to drive more. Maybe you’ll drive around the countryside while getting the best services."
party time

© New Deal Design/ Party time in the ZoomRoom

In fact, the whole idea of the city or suburb might break down as we get closer to actually living in our cars. It becomes our home address, with little LEECHbots delivering to you wherever you are.

"One other possibility, if I wanted to go more, sci-fi, is that along the highways you’ll have moving, crawling communities," says Amit. "Because a few of these zoom rooms could pick up a lane, slowly move, and you’d have a crawling party happening.”

It really is all coming together: We have tiny houses, then tiny houses on wheels, people living in buses and now this- mobile autonomous nation.