7 of the Funniest Eco-Comedians

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Sure, the planet's in trouble and saving it is serious business, but that doesn't mean you have to be grim 24/7. Even the most committed environmentalists need an occasional shot of green gallows humor to blow off steam and keep things real. Besides, a spoonful of laughter definitely helps the green message go down.

So whether you're a full-blown eco-activist or just trying to live a more sustainable life, sit back and be prepared to laugh out loud — at yourself and the state of the world. The following seven "eco-medians" are sure to bring some comic relief. (Text: Sidney Stevens)

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Josh Rachlis

Jonathan Bensimon.

Toronto-based stand-up comedian and video funnyman Josh Rachlis specializes in his own brand of self-deprecating eco-irreverence.

Best eco-routines:

"An Inconvenient Ruth" — romance on the verge of eco-disaster

Favorite green joke: "I'm not bald. I shave my head like this for the environment. It reduces the amount of shampoo that winds up in our lakes. And it makes me more aerodynamic. So that when I'm walking around, I'm burning fewer calories. Which means I don't have to eat as much. Which saves the Earth's precious resources. My head's not like this because I'm going bald or something. If I let it grow out it would look like Justin Bieber's hair — like a blonde helmet. And then I'd get lots of babes. But I choose to be bald and alone for the planet."

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Jackie Eco

Steve Prezant.

Stand-up comic and impressionist Jackie Eco has been "rockin' the green" since she was a teenager — first with animal rescue and environmental groups in New Jersey and now playing her green gags in comedy clubs and eco-festivals around Los Angeles (where she currently lives) and elsewhere.

Best eco-routines: Includes a spoof as Miss Misinformation for Greenpeace, a bit on the trials of green dating, and more.

Favorite green joke: "If we can save Britney Spears, we can save the world."

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Steve Trash

Robin Conn.

Self-described "Rockin' Eco Hero and Kid Comedian" Steve Trash, has edutained school kids and others around the world for more than 25 years with his comic "ecological illusions" and magic tricks. He also produces zany green videos from his eco-friendly home studio in Frog Pond, Ala.

Best eco-routines:

Really Cool Green Stuff — #1

Favorite green joke: Trash's humor relies mostly on visual gags, not so much jokes. Check out some performances on Youtube, like this one:

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Johannah Knott

Johannah Knott.

Known for her biting comedy about suburban life, Johannah Knott has taken a turn for the green with her new show, the All Organic Comedy Tour. Knott and four funny colleagues go for "sustainable laughs" talking trash (literally) and more.

Best eco-routines: All Organic Comedy Tour on Youtube (view Knott at 1:23 and 3:47)

Favorite green joke: "I can sympathize with people being reluctant to jump on the eco train! We know it's good for us so we better at least buy the ticket. And in spite of our reluctance and resentment and how much it's killing our wallets ... you can't put a price on doing the right thing. Then I see free-range chicken for sale ... SERIOUSLY? ... FREE RANGE CHICKENS ... They want that much for HOMELESS POULTRY?"

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Jeff Wozer

Jeff Wozer.

When not working the corporate environmental-comedy circuit, Jeff Wozer struts his trademark "outdoor humor" in comedy clubs and videos. A favorite target: wilderness sports and the über-enthusiasts who pursue them. Wozer begins his comedic "climb" to the top of Mount Everest ... from downtown Denver.

Best eco-routines:

Mt. Everest Climb

More videos on JeffWozer.com

Favorite green joke: "I love spending my time in nature doing typical outdoor things like skiing, camping and dressing as God and bothering confused hikers trying to find themselves."

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Kristina Wong

Eli Peck.

In her latest one-woman show, "Going Green the Wong Way," funnywoman Kristina Wong lampoons her own lifelong effort to live sustainably, including going car-less in L.A. for two years after her veggie-powered pink Mercedes, Harold, died a fiery death.

Best eco-routines:

Going Green the Wong Way

Plastic Bag Fight!

Favorite green joke: "People say it's hard for single women in L.A., but ladies, take the bus here and suddenly you'll find that men offer you nothing but affirmation, affirmation, affirmation ... Sure, some are wearing an adult diaper and nothing else ... "

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Forrest Shaw

Steve Martine.

The only child of a single hippie mother, Forrest Shaw worked in the trenches for years as a marine biologist, "saving manatees and counting seagrass," before reinventing himself as an eco-stand-up comedian.

Best eco-routines:

All Organic Comedy Tour (view Shaw at 1:47)

Favorite green joke: "We should be more conservative with gas. SUVs ... probably not necessary. Hummers?! Do you really need an armored vehicle to get groceries or pick your kids up from soccer practice? That is the same vehicle the military uses for combat in Afghanistan and you're getting Egg Beaters in it. Sure, you should be 'allowed' to drive a Hummer, but I think the new rules should be the rest of us get to shoot at you. If you want to pretend you're in the Army, we'll make it more realistic."