10 of the Funniest Animal Accounts on Twitter

Sockamillion Twitter Account

Jason Scott / Sockamillion / Twitter.com

Twitter now has more than 500 million users, and among those millions of people tweeting about politics, "Breaking Bad" and the latest Apple gadget, there are some hilarious tweeters of the animal variety. From existential cats to escape-artist snakes, here are 10 of the best animal accounts to follow on Twitter.

1. @A_single_bear

@A_single_bear Twitter

As he often says, he's just "a bear," but his tweets are full of cultural references, philosophical musings and the latest in DIY innovations involving rabbit skeletons. It's so funny we can "bear"ly stand it. (Sorry.)

2. @sockington

@sockington Twitter

With more than a million followers, Sockington is the most popular cat on Twitter, and his daily updates are often about his quest for food. He's particularly fond of fish.

3. @winston_graham

@winston_graham Twitter

This hilarious hound has lots to say, especially when it comes to NBC's "Hannibal." The canine is clearly the show's biggest fan.

4. @BronxZoosCobra


Perhaps one of the best-known parody accounts on Twitter, the Bronx Zoo's Cobra appeared on the microblogging site within minutes of news outlets announcing the snake's escape. CNN recently recognized the account as one of the 23 key moments in Twitter history.

5. @sullyburger

@sullyburger Twitter

Sullivan is an adorable rescue pup "straight outta Compton" who's now "living the high life" in Venice, Calif. He has two "cat brothers" that he loves. However, he says they only tolerate him.

6. @HenriLeChatNoir

@HenriLeChatNoir Twitter

Henri, an existential cat prone to philosophical musings and bouts of depression, is well known on YouTube for his hilarious videos. His interests include pondering the meaningless of life and sleeping.

7. @ClydetheTurtle

@ClydetheTurtle Twitter

Clyde the Turtle lives in New York where he serves as a strange man's "paperweight and babysitter" and watches entirely too much television.

8. @Mikeythebrat


This devious dog has an ambitious plan to "overthrow the ignorant bipeds" and take over the world. Cats, mailmen and raw meat beware.

9. @CatFoodBreath

@CatFoodBreath Twitter

With more than 35,000 tweets, this 17-pound cat with a sushi habit has a lot to say — and a lot of his tweets have to do with getting rid of the dog.

10. @common_squirrel

@common_squirrel Twitter

This squirrel's Twitter handle pretty much sums up his tweets. He mostly runs, jumps, blinks and sleeps, but occasionally he "run run run"s and "blink blink blink"s just to mix things up a bit. The repetitiveness doesn't deter people though — he has more than 100,000 followers.