10 Funky Bird Feeders and Birdhouses

Five birds eating out of a bird feeder

Mrs Airwolfhound / Flickr

If you're one of those people who likes to stand out in the crowd (or the neighborhood), step away from the ordinary and take note of these 10 funky bird feeders and birdhouses. In addition to doing something good for the birds, you'll be helping the environment, too, because most of the materials used to make these feeders and houses are recycled or reclaimed.

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Hanging Wrenhouse

Rural Originals.

This aqua blue avian bungalow is the perfect way to bring a bold dose of unconventional color to your garden. Made by Rural Originals, it uses recycled wood and has a license plate roof, which can be detached for easy clean out.

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'Duo' Hanging bird feeder

Photo: Joe Papendick

The "Duo" Hanging Bird Feeder is the creation of St. Louis-based artist, Joe Papendick. It's made from hand-bent and welded steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and measures 14" tall and 18" wide, which is plenty of room for scores of hungry birds.

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Home sweet boot

Courtesy of In Envy Designs/Etsy.

Constructed using recycled aluminum sheeting, reclaimed fence wood and an old hiking boot, this unique, upcycled birdhouse by In Envy Designs is sure to make the birds rave and your neighbors do a doubletake.

Learn more about the birdhouse here.

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Cup o' bird seed

Courtesy of redesignedbyk/Etsy.

If you're on the hunt for a whimsical addition to your garden, look no further than to this tea time-inspired cup and saucer birdfeeder. Stick the stake into the ground, fill the cup with seed and step back and watch birds flock.

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Cube house

Courtesy of Loll Designs.

This birdhouse from Loll Designs is more than stylish and modern — it's eco-friendly! The plastic used in each birdhouse is reclaimed from 24 used plastic milk jugs. In addition, the company plants a tree for each order it receives.

Learn more about the birdhouse here.

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Seed eggs

Courtesy of Oopsie Daisy Designs/Flickr.

This is not your average carton of eggs! Not ideal with your bacon and toast, but the eggs, made by Oopsie Daisy Designs, are perfect for birds to munch on.

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Perch! bird feeder

Courtesy of Branch.

Designed by Amy Adams of Brooklyn-based Perch! Design, this sleek, stylish bird feeder is perfect for gardens of the urban and modern variety, and it holds about two cups of bird seed. Also, the materials used to make the feeder — low fired white earthenware, nontoxic glazes, vegetable-dyed natural leather cord — are low-impact and sustainable.

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Industrial Chic Upcycled Bird Feeder

Courtesy of Tenderbranch/Etsy.

To make this bird feeder, a shanty cap and a duct cap were fitted together with an eye bolt and painted with matte red exterior paint. It is made to withstand the elements. In fact, its maker, Tenderbranch, proclaims, "nothing can phase this feeder."

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Stained glass hummingbird feeder

Courtesy of DeLuxDesigns/Etsy.

Don't forget to feed the hummingbirds! This piece from Dee Lux Designs is not only aesthetic — it's functional, and birds love it. It's hummingbird safe, which means there is no ball bearing in the tip that might catch the bird's tongue and injure it. And if the color isn't your favorite, custom orders are available.

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Window-mounted birdfeeder

Courtesy of Born in Sweden.

Perfect for urban gardens, this window-mounted birdfeeder made by Born in Sweden is made from recycled plastic and is a cinch to maintain. Because of its size, it effectively fends off pigeons and squirrels.

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