Funding for Green Jobs in Ithaca

Weatherization upgrades are underway for some houses, a process that is creating new jobs. (Photo: Bryn Pinzgauer [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

The city of Ithaca, New York, is embracing the thought that the youth are an integral part of the nation's recovery by investing $120,000 to train young adults under the age of 24 for green collar jobs. This is one more example of how the stimulus dollars set aside for green jobs training in the Recovery Act is being put to use by communities around the nation.

“One such program participating in this venture is Tompkins Community Action (TCA), a private non-profit agency that employs youth ages 14 to 24 in weatherization programs. Working together with other public assistance groups like EmPower New York, TCA has sufficient funding to weatherize 400 houses this summer.” Source: The Cornell Daily Sun

In a video explaining the Recovery Act, Emmanuel Hales explains that $5 billion has been set aside for weatherization upgrades with a goal of one million projects completed in the first year. To help meet this goal, the TCA will be training 50 Ithaca youth to canvas neighborhoods in an energy efficiency educational outreach program.