5 Fun Water Games to Beat the Summer Heat

Photo: BarbaraLN.

Is it as H.O.T. outside in your neck of the woods as it is in mine? If you're scrambling for ways to cool down when the temps go up, look no further than these wet, wild, and wonderful summer games:

1. Cold potato. This fun game from Grandparents.com is a cool take on an old favorite. Fill up a water balloon that your kiddos can toss back and forth. But make this "hot" potato a little cooler by poking a hole in it that serves up a delicious splash with each toss.

2. Freeze it. This is a cute idea from Parenting that lets your kids cool off with their favorite toys. Just choose a few small favorites and freeze them in an ice tray filled with water. They can play with the toys outside - holding them as they melt away the summer heat.

3. Bobbing for apples. Why is it that we only bob for apples around Halloween? It's the perfect way to cool off and serve up a delicious and healthy treat on a hot summer day. Just fill a large tub with water - the cooler the better -and toss in a few apples. Let kids hunt for them using only their mouths.

4. Waterface. As its name implies, this water game from Youth Workin' It is sure to leave players with a face full of water. The game is explained in detail on the site, but basically you have two players - one sitting in a chair with a jug filled with water and the other laying on the ground with a cup balanced on her forehead. Get the idea? Sounds like the perfect antidote to those rising temps!

5. Water bucket relay. This is a fun game from Tip Junkie that works best when you have a lot of folks looking to cool down. Split your group into two or three teams and have them line up in a seated position. The person in the front should have a large bucket filled with water and a sponge in front of him. To start the race, the first player fills the sponge with water and passes it back. Each player then passes it overhead until you get to the last person on the team who is seated next to an empty bucket. Once the last player gets the sponge, she should squeeze it out into the empty bucket. The first team to fill the bucket wins!

Need more cool ideas? Try these 7 ways to beat the summer heat or these 5 unusual ways to stay cool. What's your favorite way to cool off when the temps go up?