28 Fun Things to Do on Leap Day

Frog, cropped for use as tease only.
green frog
There are many fun activities you can tackle on Feb. 29 to celebrate Leap Day, including some related to frogs. (Photo: Dave Young [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Feb. 29 is leap day. It's an extra day that only comes around every four years or so. How will you use an extra day? Here are some great ideas:

1. Play leap frog.

2. Read "The Leap Year Book" by Barbara Sutton-Smith.

3. Have your children write letters to themselves that they can open on the next leap day.

4. Help the frog find the flies in this frog maze printable.

5. Celebrate a leap baby: Do you know anyone who was born on Feb. 29? Host a once-every-four-years party for them.

6. Start a game of Lily Pad Hop.

7. Send a friend this leap year ecard.

8. Turn a clay pot into a leap year frog.

9. Set life achievement goals for the next leap year.

10. Wow your friends by wrapping your head around this leap day science.

11. Celebrate the Feast Day of Oswald of Worcester, which is Feb. 29.

12. Read "The Leap Year Turtle" by Robert Paske.

13. Make a frog puppet.

14. Try your hand at this leap year math activity.

15. Women: Honor a Leap Day tradition by proposing to your man.

16. Eat some froggy cupcakes.

17. Play Flippin Frogs.

18. DIY this frog origami.

19. Tackle those annoying household projects that you only want to face every four years. Clean the attic, anyone?

20. Using pictures from old magazine, make a "leaping" collage of all the things that jump: jumping beans, kangaroos, rabbits, pogo sticks, et cetera.

21. Play "Ribbit, Ribbit, Jump," instead of "Duck, Duck, Goose."

22. Make "Frog's Eye" salad.

23. Watch "Leap Year." Need a better reason to watch an Amy Adams movie?

24. Listen to some tunes from Leap Day, the Netherlands-based progressive rock band.

25. Visit Anthony, Texas, and Anthony, New Mexico, the self-proclaimed Leap Year Capitol of the World.

26. Learn some leap year trivia.

27. Catch up on a task (taxes?) that's been bogging you down this month.

28. Go geocaching. You'll find special souvenirs in honor of leap day.