5 Fun Nature-Inspired Beauty Trends

woman shows off her multi-colorer hair

Focus and Blur / Shutterstock

From miniature succulent manicures to terrarium eyes, there are lots of fun ways to wear nature this spring.

Who needs a garden outside when you can wear one on your body? The trend toward natural beauty has taken a literal shift as makeup, hair, and nail artists use flowers, succulents, and rainbows to create stunning effects. While these looks may not be easy to replicate and are not terribly practical, they are fun to admire.

1. Terrarium Eyes

Perhaps the most striking of the following plant-based trends, terrarium eyes are popping up all over Instagram. Ellie Costello, a MAC makeup artist who posts as @makeupisart_x, uses tiny forget-me-nots, gypsophila, and daisies. Other artists also do incredible glittery eyes and lips with sequins and decorative flowers.

2. Succulent Nails

Roz Borg is an Australian artist who usually transforms succulents into jewelry but recently took it to the next level with fingernail gardens. She attaches tiny succulent plants onto acrylic nails using Oasis floral adhesive, which is then glued to the regular nail base. The Independent reports that, once the nail starts to ‘chip,’ the Oasis glue eventually releases and the baby succulent can be replanted. While it must be impossible to do anything with a terrarium at the end of one’s fingers, it’s certainly a captivating look.

3. Watercolor Tattoos

Many tattoos are black, but the look can be more fun and playful with the addition of color. The watercolor technique creates a feathery, softer appearance, and is perfect for depicting nature-based images, like flowers and animals. PopSugar writes,

“While we appreciate the minimalist nature of [traditional] designs, we also think that you shouldn't be afraid to go for the bold when it comes to your ink. After all, you wouldn't want to be restricted to one nail polish or lipstick hue.”

4. Succulent Hair

Maybe succulent hair is the route to go if you’re crazy about the adorable little plants but can’t really grow them on your fingertips. This hair-dyeing trend replicates the blending purple, green, and pink hues that appear in succulents. Be warned: It's high maintenance!

5. Rainbow Hair

Filling one’s hair with cascading, zigzagging, striped rainbow colors is all the rage right now, if you spend any time perusing Instagram hair posts. Keep it subdued with ombre-like gradient tones or go wild with the bolder oil-slick look.