Fully Charged Visits the Clean Energy City of the Future

Fully Charged Masdar photo
Video screen capture. Fully Charged

Fully Charged/Video screen capture

Brian has already explored the concept of Masdar—a $2bn "clean energy city" that is being built in Abu Dhabi. And while some have worried about it becoming a "high-end ghetto" or gated community, it's nevertheless an ambitious and innovative project.

Robert Llewellyn—whose Fully Charged online video show has broadened its focus from futuristic electric cars to all aspects of our clean energy future—journeyed out to the fledgling city to find out what it is all about.

Fully Charged Masdar 2 photo

Fully Charged/Video screen capture

From the 10MW solar power plant (and plans for a larger, 100MW version) to the passive-cooling architectural techniques that learn from traditional Arabic architecture, there's lots of juicy eye candy here for sustainability geeks. And as the whole project is tied to a research center, there should be plenty of lessons for other cities in the region and beyond.

Stay tuned for a follow up, as the season finale of Fully Charged promises to explore this "City of the Future" in more detail.