Fully Charged Reviews the Plant-Based Impossible Burger

Video screen capture. Fully Charged

But why's an electric car show talking about food?

There was a time when renewable energy folks focused on renewable energy. Bike folk focused on bikes. And electric car folks focused on electric cars. But I think that times may be changing. Our fellow TreeHugger Derek Markham, for example, recently wrote an excellent piece on lab grown meats for Cleantechnica, a site I tend to go to for Tesla and wind turbine-related news.

The latest example of such crossover comes from Robert Llewellyn and Fully Charged, which usually focuses on wireless charging of electric cars, solar powered greenhouses and autonomous buses. This time, however, he filmed himself eating a burger -- the Impossible Burger, to be precise, which is a fairly tech-focused take on eating less meat.

Like our very own Katherine's review of the Impossible Burger here, Robert comes away mostly impressed and suggests it's a tasty and mostly passable analog for its meat-based inspiration. But the big question will be whether this—and the whole host of other plant-based alternatives to meat and fish that Impossible Foods plans—could one day convince carnivores to adopt a more planet-friendly diet.

Now, as someone who has been eating a lot more plants lately, I will say I approach this topic with caution. After all, rather than replacing fast food burgers with fast food veggie burgers, we'd probably do well to eat a lot more vegetables first. That said, however, I have always had a hard time imagining our convenience-focused culture converting en masse to brown rice and salad.

The sheer amount of coverage that the Impossible Burger has gotten might actually be a testament to why it's important. There appears to be a recognition among many that too much meat is neither sustainable nor healthy, and yet we are having a hard time ditching this staple of our culture. If the high-tech, analog approach can serve as a gateway drug to more plant-based eating, then it will be doing every single one of us a huge favor.

In the meantime, enjoy watching Robert Llewellyn talking with his mouthful. And consider supporting his efforts with by pitching in on Patreon.