7 Fruit Wraps to Make for Breakfast

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Quick, nutritious, delicious, and portable when the occasion calls for it, these sweet alternatives to savory wraps are a fresh way to start the day.

In a perfect world, breakfast is a leisurely thing. Mom gets up early to craft whole-grain waffles from scratch served under a pile of fresh-picked berries. It’s a mindfully-eaten meal of healthy vibrant food savored at the table ... with a tip of his hat the milkman just delivered fresh dairy from the farm, there are definitely bluebirds singing at the windowsill. Ha ha ha. Insert record scratch here. For those whose schedule allows it, breakfast can be a healthy way to start the day, but all too often it’s a hurried affair marked by packaged food that masquerades as being wholesome. For many, the first meal of the day is a breakfast sandwich procured from a drive-thru.

So here’s a fix: the fruit wrap. By throwing fruit and some protein in a whole-wheat tortilla – or lavish or pita or whatever flatbread floats your boat – and twisting it up into a sandwich, you have a quick wholesome meal that can be eaten at the table, or if need be, on the go. The sky’s the limit when it comes to ingredient combinations, but here are some ideas to get you started.

The basics: Spread the spreadable component, which usually serves as the protein, and then place the fruit on top. For extra texture, sprinkle granola, nuts, or seeds on top. For sloppier/wetter fruits, you can make the wrap burrito-style by folding the ends in first before rolling it up. For the rest you can just roll up, and eat whole or cut and serve. To plate a wrap like the one pictured above: trim the ends, cut in half, cut the halves on the diagonal, and arrange on the plate.

fruit wrap

© Melissa Breyer/TreeHugger

1. Fig, ricotta, almonds, maple syrup
Few of us eat enough figs, a fruit that should definitely get more love! They are wildly health as they are a fabulous source of fiber, and are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. And delicious! If the maple syrup is too strong, use honey. If you have any lavender hanging around, a few leaves wouldn’t hurt.

2. Apples, almond butter, raisins, cinnamon
I love how the raisins add their chewy texture to the snap of apples; you could use any dried fruit here.

3. Berries, Greek yogurt, granola
Adding a handful of granola gives this combination a familiar crunch.

4. Banana, peanut butter, honey
A tried-and-true kid favorite. You can just use the banana whole here. And if you use Nutella instead of honey, we won’t tell. (You could also add some cocoa nibs if you have them on hand.)

5. Mango, cream cheese, avocado, lime
Even though avocado is most often reserved for savory dishes, it is a fruit after all, and plays wonderfully well with other fruits. With the healthy fats of the avocado here you don’t need much cream cheese, a little bit can help hold it all together, but this is delicious even without it. Plus, sunflower seeds are fun in this one too.

6. Pear, quark, dates
Quark is a healthy fresh cheese that could be described as a kind-of mix of Greek yogurt and cream cheese. It is becoming more available commercially and is a wonderfully nutritious dairy product to have around. In this application, however, you could easily use farmer’s cheese or cottage cheese instead.

7. The kitchen sink
Here’s where you see what you’ve got in the fruit bowl or crisper, chop it and wrap it up. Lay down a bed of nut butter or Greek yogurt first, spread out the fruit, top with dried fruit, granola, or seeds. Enjoy!