Frozen Foods Can Be Packaging-Free Too

CC BY 2.0. Kari Söderholm

I already knew that packaging-free, or 'bulk food only' stores were a thing—and that folks who were intent on really slashing their plastic use were bringing their own bags, tupperware, jars or other containers to reduce the amount of trash they produced.

I assumed, however, that most of this food was either dry goods, fresh produce, or cleaning items like soaps and detergents. A tweet, however, from Plastic Is Rubbish clued me in to an entirely different category of packaging-free foods:

The UK company supplying these treats, called Field Fare, started some 40 years ago with loose frozen fruits and vegetables. It has since expanded, however, to include packaging-free baked goods such as croissants and pain au chocolat, as well as battered onion rings, scampi and Belgian waffles too. To be fair, the company does also sell some frozen, packaged ready meals—but the availability of so many frozen, non-packaged "scoopables" in such a wide variety of product categories does really expand the availability of foods available for the hardcore waste cutters.

Field Fare products are available at stores across the UK. Anyone know of similar companies or retailers in the US?