Frozen DNA Could Save Endangered Species

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Remember the Aye-Aye? Zoologists in Germany are collecting stem cells to create a modern day Noah's Ark. To help preserve endangered species such as this endearingly ugly creature from Madagascar, a rare forest billy goat, and the White Naped Crane, cells of nearly extinct animals are are kept on ice, at minus 155 degrees Celsius. The zoologists describe it as "insurance"--eventually, the cells will be available for cloning projects.

In collaboration with a zoo in Bristol, the Frankfurt Zoo is also attempting to breed two Aye-Ayes--but the shy little guys don't necessarily jump to perform. Only one baby Aye-Aye has resulted from two Aye-Ayes born in captivity. Check out the Deutsche Welle video here (click on Saving a Species in the video archive). Via ::Deutsche Welle

Image courtesy of National Geographic