Portable Woodstove Folds Down, Heats Up Tents, Yurts & Tiny Homes

The Frontier Plus portable stove set up inside a large tent

Camping often means getting comfortable with bugs, sleeping bags, temperamental weather and other joys of the outdoors. But besides building a nice fire to keep warm, or using a DIY rocket stove, sometimes it's nice to bring some heat into a chilly tent. This portable wood stove design -- which can conveniently fold down to a compact, easy-to-carry package -- might just do the trick to heat up the interior of a tent, tiny house, yurt or van.

Convenient Heating

The Frontier Plus portable stove waiting to be set up
Man pulling pieces of the stove pipe out of the stove to set it up
Man setting up the stove
Man adjusting the pipe on the outside of the tent

Dubbed the Frontier Plus and made by Cornwall, UK based company Anevay, this lightweight stove features a larger flue than other portable wood stoves, as well as a glass window on its front door.

Man closing the stove door on a fire

According to the Frontier Plus' Kickstarter page, the flue is (a relatively large) 4 inches in diameter, which gives it a stronger updraft to vent out fumes. For better tweaking of your fire, there's a secondary air control on the door to adjust how much heat is generated, so even small spaces won't be overheated. There are adjustable legs and a removable top plate that allows you to cook multiple things.

People relaxing around a fire in the portable stove

The stove comes with five flue sections, which can be carried inside the stove, and when fully assembled, can measure up to 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) high, depending on where you place the flue (angled flue sections are also available for people who want the flue to exit out a side wall). Anevay is also intending to offer an insulated flue sections for people who don't want to cut holes in their tent:

Insulated flue sections which will allow you to take the flue through the zip-up side flaps of a bell tent or tipi, without having to cut any holes. You’ll just need to zip up the mesh/canvas tabs around the insulated flue section.

Models and Pricing

Two portable stoves of different sizes set up side-by-side next to a tree

The Frontier Plus is a newer, improved model over the company's previous offering, The Frontier, which was initially designed as a solution for areas stricken by natural disasters like Haiti, but has developed a strong following among recreational campers too. So far, they've sent 12,000 of the original stoves all over the globe.

The early bird pricing for a Frontier Plus is set at £280 (USD $430), which may seem pricey, but if the extra-large flue, secondary air control and the glass window are major advantages for you, then it might be well worth it. In addition, there's also another reward where for an extra $100, they will send an identical stove to a family in need in Nepal.