From Spectacular Sunsets to Grumpy Grizzly Bears: 10 Must-Share Photos From June

It's been a little over a month since we launched our Photo of the Day feature, and what a wonderful response we've had! Our Flickr group is growing and so many amazing images have been added by you, dear readers. But some have really stood out, and we're highlighting our reader favorites from the last month. Here are our most popular, must-see, must-share photos!

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Sunset view at the Grand Canyon

Photo: Steve Dunleavy [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

First up is far and away the best loved landscape from the month. This is a view of sunset at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. But it isn't the only jaw-dropping landscape featured -- click through to see more favorites as well as some adorable animals!

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Strange landscape of Mono Lake

Photo: Bill Bouton [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

The bizarre landscape of a very weird body of water made readers do a double-take. California's Mono Lake is exceptionally salty, which has created a unique ecosystem that serves as a vital stop-off location for migrating birds. Learn more about this fascinating place -- it is one location worth adding to the bucket list if you're a bird enthusiast! But if bears are more your thing, then keep clicking.

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Why Ireland is the 'Emerald Isle'

Photo: Catie Leary [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

Before we get to the fierce and cute animals from the month, we have one more landscape that readers loved. (It seems you all seem to love landscapes best!) This photo by MNN's own Catie Leary from a recent trip to Ireland highlights the area's amazing countryside patchworks of greens and golds. This made many of us bump Ireland up to the top of our must-visit list.

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Friendly bobcat stops to say hello

Photo: Jouko van der Kruijssen [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

This curious young bobcat is just too cute to ignore! And readers found him irresistible. It's not too often you get one of these shy hunters to waltz right up and pause for a good look-see, but photographer Jouko van der Kruijssen must have a way with felids. Do you have any close ups of wildlife to share? Add them to our Flickr group!

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How grizzlies settle disagreements

Photo: Scott Cromwell [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

Seeing two grizzlies duke it out at close range is both terrifying and thrilling. While photographer Scott Cromwell was lucky (is lucky the right word??) to have two grizzlies come fairly close just before getting into a scuffle, we don't recommend you try this out yourself! But it sure makes for some amazing photos.

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Mama sea otter and her fluffy pup

Photo: Jaymi Heimbuch [CC by ©]

Could it get any cuter than a tiny, ultra-fluffy baby sea otter sitting on its proud mama's belly? Mother sea otters spend an amazing amount of time grooming their pups to keep them warm and dry. Even though sea otters have have between 160,000 to 1 million hairs per square inch of their body, their fur is really their only insulation against the cold. So grooming and keeping up out of the water is important for keeping pups warm enough.

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Sled dogs of Denali National Park

Photo: Cody Wellons [CC by NC-ND-2.0]/ MNN Photo Pool

Did you know that Denali National Park is home to the only sled dogs that help protect a national wilderness? These amazing dogs help rangers patrol the park during winter, as well as haul supplies and transport researchers. Their importance can't be underestimated when thick snow covers the ground.

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Watch your step around these cliffs

Photo: Catie Leary [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

The gorgeous cliffs of the Aran Islands have an interesting geological history. But we're guessing it was more the beauty of the photograph than the interesting information on the karst landscape that made this image so popular among our readers.

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A foxy model

Photo: Jouko van der Kruijssen [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

This gorgeous fox knows how to pose for the cameras, complete with the "looking into the distance and thinking deep thoughts" face. No wonder he was such a favorite among readers this month! Do you have any photos of wildlife you want to see featured? Be sure to add them to our Flickr group!

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On eye level with ladybugs

Photo: Sébastien PEGUILLOU [CC by ©]/ MNN Photo Pool

It's amazing to see the world the way teeny tiny bugs see it. It's like a whole different planet when you take a moment to zoom in. We just love macro photography for that reason -- the opportunity to get a new perspective on our world. Share your macro photos in our Flickr group for a chance to be featured as Photo of the Day!