From Green Jobs to Blue Jobs

Offshore wind farms represent big employment opportunities. (Photo: Andy Dingley [CC BY SA-3.0]/Wikimedia Commons)

The green jobs movement is in full swing. Government agencies, companies and eco-advocates across the nation are chanting the green jobs mantra as a possible solution to both the economic and environmental woes that we currently face. Although the green jobs movement is just now getting some momentum, the blue jobs movement may be hot on its heels.

Sam Eaton discussed this possibility in a segment that aired on American Public Media’s Marketplace: “Forget the green economy. Some lawmakers say we're on the cusp of a blue jobs revolution. Think offshore wind farms, aquaculture, even marine bio-medicine.” Source: Marketplace

There are already offshore wind farms in use but nothing on a truly grand scale. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has a section of their website dedicated to offshore wind. The AWEA answers several common offshore wind questions including the effect these wind farms may have on shipping and marine life, how storms may affect the turbines, and the effect that the large wind farms may have on both seabed and coastal erosion.

The logistics of building large-scale offshore wind farms may be daunting, but it is an avenue that is being explored. To read the transcript of Eaton’s segment, visit the Marketplace website: Blue jobs are the new green jobs.