From Facebook to Farm Hand: How Crop Mobs Grow Agricultural Social Networks (Video)

crop mob minnesota photo
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I've been following with interest the development of "crop mobs" for some time now. Empowered by social networking, these impromptu gatherings of volunteer farm laborers are bringing back the idea of the barn raising, and demonstrating that we all have an interest in making sure our farmers continue to thrive. I've just come across an awesome video of one Minnesota crop mob featuring enthusiastic mobsters, a very vocal accordionist, and a whole bunch of wine.

It sure looks like fun.

The Perennial Plate Episode 30: Crop Mob from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Created by The Perennial Plate—the same folks who brought us a hauntingly beautiful video about hunting and eating roadkill in Minnesota—this episode cuts to the heart of why crop mobs are so important. This isn't about replacing farm labor, or "playing at being a farmer". It's about making connections between people who grow our food, and the people who eat (or drink) their crops.

And this was just one more reminder that I need to tear myself away from the laptop and go visit the next crop mob in my neighborhood. Maybe I'll even bring a camera...