Watch Water Bubbles Become Snow Globes

Photographer Richard G Moore decided that if he was going to endure minus 1 degree temperatures in Great Falls, Montana, he was going to capture some great photos and videos in the process.

The result is the enchanting video above that has gone viral across social media.

Moore recorded a gorgeous time-lapse video showing how a bubble reacts to freezing temperatures.

"I did it on the hood of my jeep with a wind block I made from plexiglass," Moore told MNN. "It is a three-sided box with a top that all folds up, so it is mobile. I then used an inexpensive LED flashlight sitting on top of the box facing downward for lighting up the scene."

The wondrous art of Mother Nature combined with his photography unveiled how the bubble morphed into something resembling a snow globe.

Circles of frost develop across the inner-surface of the bubble and eventually meet to form a crystal-like sphere.

It's a spectacular glimpse at the science behind winter weather and the chemical reactions going on inside of the bubble.

Moore used a Canon 6D Mark II camera with a 8/120 Macro lens to record the video. It surely won't be his last snow globe photo shoot, especially with the popularity he has gained from his post.

"More cold nights a coming," he told MNN. "I will see what I get next."