Freegle: Freecycle for the UK

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I Love Freegle, the new site dedicated to keeping someone's trash or treasure out of the landfill, is now available in communities across the UK. With over 200 member communities and over 1 million people actively involved in Freegle, what are you waiting for? Who knows what treasures are waiting for you to discover? I Love Freegle doesn't want to be confused with Freecycle, stating that they are, "A bit like freecycle(TM) but our organisation is democratically run and focuses entirely on the task of reducing landfill in the UK by people in the UK." It seems many of the Freegle groups were formed from members leaving Freecycle groups, but you'll have to check out their blog to find out more about that. For Freegle members, all items and requests must be Free and Legal (aka Freegle), and no ticket vouchers or skill swapping are allowed.

How is Freegle Different From Freecycle?

Each Freegle group is autonomous and the rules are created to reflect local needs and interests specific to each group. There are groups throughout all of UK - England, Wales, North Ireland and Scotland and each were created with no money.

Freegle has only been around since September, but with 200 communities and over 1 million members, they're growing fast. With their blog and their local network moderators, Freegle members hope to not just share stuff but to meet neighbors and help each other out. Blog postings involve more than just items for sale, they also include green politics, green events and all press coverage of Freegle.

Members of Freegle are also active in acquiring and distributing items from the list to less-fortunate members in the group. Other items have made homes in more than one member house, for example, an electric organ now on its fourth home. Garden sheds, garden vegetables, and even summer athletic items, such as kayaks, are popular to be shared among members, thus in its own way Freegle is creating more of a community than just a simple, online swap meet.

What Can You Find on Freegle?

Freegle items are mainly furniture and household items - sofas, tvs, bookshelves, IT equipment, kitchen items, but group members have been known to post a wide range of items including one woman from Aldershot who put her husband of 19 years of marriage up on the auction block. Other treasures left on Freegle include, a World War II Air Raid Shelter, a non-waterproof fish tank for african snails, really awful aftershave "suitable for those with terrible taste in male fragrance, or as a gift for your cheating
ex who never pays his child support," and one fresh dead squid. So, just because your house might be fully outfitted when it comes to furniture, there are still treasures to be had on Freegle.

According to one Freegle group manager, over 30,000 furniture items (not counting everything else) are taken to landfills every day in the UK. To Freegle members, that is just plain wrong and certainly an eco-crime.