Free Bike Repair for Farmers (Video)

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From a cell phone app empowering bike repair on the go, to community-based bike co-ops, we've seen plenty of initiatives aimed at enabling folks to fix their own bikes and take charge of their transportation in the process. Now, thanks to the good people at Peak Moment TV, I've come across another—and these guys even offer free bike maintenance to farmers!To be fair, Warren has written about the Recyclery in Portland, Oregon before here on TreeHugger. But as we've come to expect from Janaia and friends at Peak Moment TV, this half-hour conversation gives us a much more in-depth look at the ideas behind this business that seems to combine the best of both private enterprise and co-operative community models too.

Owners Chauncey and Dash Tudhope-Locklear make a living repairing bicycles, and building new bikes from pre-loved parts. But rather than put themselves on a pedestal as "experts", the pair seem committed to bikes as the truly democratic, accessible transportation choice that they are. They offer free bike workshops for kids, a free space for people to maintain their own bikes using the Recyclery's tools and expertise, and they even express their commitment to local, sustainable food by guaranteeing free bike maintenance to farmers.

There's no other way to say this—these guys rock!