6 Free Barn Plans

DIY Woodworking Plans For Building a Barn

The exterior of red barn with planks of wood, a saw, and a few chickens in front of it

Treehugger / James Bascara 

These free barn plans will give you free blueprints and layouts so you can build your very own barn. These barns range from the simple and the small to the large and complex so there should be a plan here for your skill set and needs.

You'll find free barn plans for both one- and two-story barns here in a variety of sizes from 16x30 all the way up to 40x44. Some of the plans also include guidance on how to add lean-to's, cow stalls, feeding rooms, calf pens, and horse stalls to your barn plan.

Want to get the feel of the barn without the actual barn? Here are some free plans to build barn doors for your home.

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LSU AgCenter's 20x30 Barn Plan

Illustration of a barn with a lean-to

LSU AgCenter

LSU AgCenter's free barn plan is for a 20x30, two-story barn with a 10-foot wide lean-to. This PDF file shows several drawings of the barn from different perspectives, all with measurements and short descriptions.

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LSU AgCenter's 30x24 Barn Plan

Multiple drawings of different perspectives of a barn

LSU AgCenter

Within LSU AgCenter's 30x24 barn plan are details including the location and size for box stalls, a calf pen, a feed room, and cow stalls. Having it all broken down in this way makes it really easy for you to plan the layout of your barn whether you're following this exact plan or making adjustments to your own layout.

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Ron Fritz's SketchUp Pole Barn

Illustration of a pole barn in SketchUp

 Ron Fritz

A bit different than the other barn plans on this list is this one from Ron Fritz of The Creekside Woodshop. To see this barn from any angle, and to measure every single component of it, requires the free SketchUp program. Once loaded into SketchUp, you can even make large or minute changes to it and see the effects in real-time. Once downloaded and opened in SketchUp, the barn is 24x26 by default.

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NDSU's 16x30 Barn Plan

Drawings of a barn


North Dakota State University has several free barn plans, including this two-story 16x30 barn. The plan is a single page that's a bit cluttered, but if you zoom up as far as you can, you can see the areas for things like the cow pen, feed room, and horse stalls.

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Tools for Survival's 40x44 Barn Plan

Drawing of a barn plan with side sheds


This free barn plan from Tools for Survival is for a 40x44 barn with side sheds built-in to it. All of the dimensions and perspectives of the barn can be seen in the plan.

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Tools for Survival's 18x30 Barn Plan

Drawing of a barn from a free barn plan


Tools for Survival also has an 18x30 barn plan for smaller spaces. Similar to the other plans, you can zoom closer to the drawings to see the double horse stalls, cow stalls, feed room, feed alley, calf pen, and other areas.