"Fossilized" Bamboo Flooring Is Hardest Wood Flooring Ever

Close-up of hardened bamboo flooring

 Cali Bamboo

As we noted in a post a couple of years ago, bamboo floors are not really as hard as a lot of manufacturers claimed, and that the hardness varied with colour- the darker the bamboo, the softer it was. A lot has changed since then in the harvesting of bamboo and the glueing of it together to make it a greener floor, but what about a harder one?

Preston at Jetson Green now points us to a bamboo floor with an extraordinary hardness on the Janka Scale of 5000. That's really hard.

The Janka rating is determined by measuring the force required, in pounds, to bury a ball bearing halfway into the wood. It is a good measure of resistance to denting and gouging. (It is also confusing, as Swedes and Australians use different measures and also call it Janka).

The hardest commonly available wood is ipe; according to Wikipedia, the hardest wood is Lignum Vitae, at 4500.

Cali Bamboo calls their super-hard wood "Fossilized":

Twice the density and strength of almost any other flooring in the world, this remarkable achievement in engineering design and aesthetic beauty stands alone in the world of flooring. Forged in an incredibly unique process of compressing and intertwining the fibers, a dense, "fossilized" bamboo block is formed.

Preston notes:

For those chasing certification, this product may contribute to LEED credits in a number of areas, including for using rapidly renewable materials, low emitting materials, certified wood, and regionally-sourced wood. Pricing starts at just under $4 per square foot.